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Zamorak Custom Donations

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Jake    202

Due to large request: We accept display name changes in exchange for a $10 scroll/donation. This only implies to in-game as you're able to change your display name on the Forums free of charge.




A custom donation is separate from a regular donation for donator scrolls or buying anything directly from the store. These donations allow you to donate for cosmetic items that you are unable to obtain in-game or through the store any other way.



If you wish to donate for custom items you must contact owner2.pngTitan. The owner is the only person on the staff team that can handle these types of donations, but you are more than welcome to contact any member of the staff team if you wish to know more about the process/have any questions.



There will be no sorts of deals for custom weapons or armour with damage bonuses, drop rate bonuses or anything that can directly jeopardise the gameplay for other members of the community by giving you a distinct advantage over them.



Single item: $150
Custom set: $350


We offer bundle deals if you wish to purchase more than one custom:
Single item + Single item: $250 (Save $50)
Single item + Custom set: $425 (Save $75)
Custom set + Custom set: $550 (Save $150)


If you wish to discuss offers beyond what is listed above, please contact  owner2.pngTitan.



If you have something specific in mind that hasn't been listed below, contact owner2.pngTitan.


Single items
Thok's sword
Defender icon lvl 5
Attacker icon lvl 5
Collector icon lvl 5
Healer icon lvl 5
Zanik's crate
Ornate katana
Santa hat (recolour)
Halloween mask (recolour)

Partyhat (recolour)
Reindeer hat
Giant's hand
Easter carrot


Custom sets
Lord Marshall Set
Prisoner Set
Chicken Set
Moonclan Set (body currently bugged)
Vyrewatch Set
Primal Set
Promethium Set
Gorgonite Set
Katagon Set
Celestial Set
Sagittarion Set
Christmas Ghost Set




  • If you are interested in donating for a custom item or set and do not wish for others to be able to do the same, then you can expect the price of that custom donation to be higher.
  • Custom donations are used strictly to obtain cosmetic items.
  • You are free to donate with RSGP/07GP as an alternative form of currency.
  • No adjustments will be made once the custom donation has been purchased.



Thank you,

manager.png Jake

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