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Staff Updates - 11/09/18

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Finch    212

Below is a list of the most recent changes made to our staff team.



admin.png Gamble has been promoted to Administrator.

fmod.png Tremor has been promoted to Forum Moderator.

ss.png dzuma has been promoted to Server Support.



yD2Etl7.png JaySlay has resigned as Server Moderator due to IRL issues.



Best regards,

Pre-Scape Management.

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Rob    96

Congrats to everyone on the promotions! 


@dzuma, delighted to have you back on the team bro! You've already proven yourself as our best current SS. Very impressive work ;) 

@Tremor, You've done it too, you're our #1 Forum mod. Seriously impressive to see 2 staff members swoop in, in such a fashion!

@Gamble, sucks you were promoted in a way.. we gotta find a new way to give you ab00s now :( 

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