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Server Update 11/10/18

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Kade    895

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


The amount of support you all have been sharing since the release of our last update has been phenomenal.

I'd also like to inform you all that since we now have a dedicated part time developer who will be working on Pre-Scape with us, you can expect weekly updates to be pushed out from our end.

(This will also include misc, and smaller updates pushed at certain times as well, depending on the situation.)

Here are the changes that have been made since the last log:

  • We have implemented a new system to improve the overall user experience and game play for all of our players. This will allow for a dramatic change to be spotted when playing on Pre-Scape.
  • Packets have been improved to register at faster speeds;
    Examples of this will be opening and interacting with certain parts of the server - including the arrival of Instant Switches.


Our game plan since the beginning has been to focus on the bugs that were piled up, and then make our way to different directions inside the server, one of which was combat. Our last update impacted combat tremendously, but there are still aspects that we want to perfect. And we will head towards one step at a time as our goal for the future is to allow our environment to be Pker friendly just as it is for Skillers and Pvmers. 


Below is a gif, of before and after this update was pushed:











  • Logging in and out will be instant
  • Spoiler




  • Sending chats through chats will be instant
  • Spoiler




  • Opening Dialogues and Interfaces Instant



The only delay now will be from the latency of the dedicated servers Region- Netherlands 


  • Players will no longer have issues picking up drops after killing Npcs for their first tick.
  • Npcs should no longer be invisible we - believe this was just a small error from our last update
  • Skotizo can no longer be attacked via Dwarf Multi Cannon
  • A null check was added for Walking Packet Queue

    This update will require you to download the latest client. 

    As always, a big thank you to our developer Arithium for his continuous hard work.

Best Regards,

owner2.png Kade

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Grey Salt    111

Thanks for the great rate of updates. It's so great to see such a proactive approach to the server. 


Great fixes! Keep up the brilliant work Arithium & @Kade!

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