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As most of you don't know and know. I am a legendary Ex-Staff that was on Zamorak. I have been gone due to Zamorak falling in the past and Kade asking me to come back. I have been here but you just haven't seen me. I wish I could've continued my staffing as is to be along side Kade, but there was just so much happening. I couldn't have been there to even resemble my affects. I wish that I could've done more as I was. But I think there was just so much going on, but I wish that I could've been better for you all. You know what I mean? Anyways, I hope to be here for the long run. If you guys need anything, I will try my best to do it... Maybe staff will be forthcoming one day? Who knows that's up to my buddy Kade. I hope you all accept me as I was, a very renowned player to the community. Thank you



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