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Server Updates 11/17/18

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Kade    895

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


Here are the changes made since the last update log.

  • Patched a bug regarding the latest Zombies Survival Minigame that made Npcs crash.
  • Pets that you have obtained will now be highlighted Green in the interface designed for it.
  • l5ux3HF.png
  • Fixed the Completionist Cape not opening correctly due to another bug caused.
  • When using Blood Necklace with Torva, it will no longer drain your Hitpoints back to 99.
  • Polypore will now chain and be automatically autocasted when being used instead of constantly needing to click while in combat.
  • Logging out within the inferno cave will now remove you on login.
  • Twisted bow now uses dragon arrows.
  • Adjusted twisted bow and Armadyl crossbow bonuses.
  • Removed Golden Scratch Cards from ALL NPC drop tables.
  • Added ::getitemdrop item name, which allows players to identify all NPC's that drop a specific item.



Our initial bug list that we spent weeks creating and gathering information on is getting smaller and smaller everyday. Expect more of your suggestions to be added over time, and if you want something pushed out that has not been suggested, go ahead and create a thread and explain in detail what you are looking for.

Content updates will begin to be more of a priority for Pre-Scape, as nearly all the key aspects of the server are improving significantly with each update.

Thank you for your love and support, and for those of who you have donated recently, I want to say another thank you too. Because not only does it show that we have gained your trust again, it also shows that we need to continue keeping you all satisfied. 

As always, be sure to thank Arithium in Discord via the General Chat for his dedication.


Best Regards,


owner2.png Kade

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Deathrow    52

Great QOL update, Thank you guys once again for your hard work and time.

now I just need to get a blood necklace drop X ]


Much love. ❤️ 

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Mw2fan    66

Nice. Redeemable dung XP tokens in next update, please? It's the last 1b I need and I'm at 680m XP with 1.7 million extra useless dung points lol.

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