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Server Update 12/15/18

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Kade    942

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


As we continue to prepare for our launch here are the following things we have worked on. Thank you for your support, we ask you to continue to spread the word.


  • We have added a referral system where players will receive rewards by entering the ::referral-code example (::referral-runelocus) This will be used within the next week when YouTubers launch their videos to help promote the server.
  • Scorpia will now attack with melee when in melee range, and range when out of melee range.
  • You can customize your F keys by speaking to the account manager in the Edgeville Bank
  • Players will now have an immunity of 3 seconds before they can be re-frozen by Barrage.
  • Re-Arranged some Npcs at home
  • By default the escape button will now close any interface opened. 
  • Pker Game Mode will now be able to set their combat levels. By using ::setlevel-(1-8)-(-1-99)
  • Added some more buffs to Cerberus Boots
  • While fighting against players your experience drops will now be displayed to adequately match OSRS rates.
  • Tormented Bracelet now has its missing 5% magic damage boost.
  • While you attack an opponent mid teleport, the hit splat previously showed a "0" but now it will be "null" so it just does not show anything now.
  • There is now a command to toggle bounty hunter interface ::togglebh
  • Your experience lamp no longer continues running when you log out
  • When using the exchange function with the tool leprechaun you can now note every farming ingredient.
  • Glacors will now be weak to Fire spells. 
  • All Cerberus Boots have been slightly buffed.
  • Kalphite Queen bug related to protection overheads has been fixed.
  • Serpentine Helmet has been buffed.
  • Slayer Helmet has been nerfed from players suggestions.
  • Daily Challenges should work in the Wilderness now
  • While withdrawing items from your Bank you will no longer have to re-click the item to bring up the interface back up again. (Problem Before: 


    Best Regards,


owner2.png Kade

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Slayer    50

“All Cerberus boots have been”...? Think you forgot to finish that lol. Some nice updates. As for Slayer Helm, it’d be nice to get some stat info on that. I wasn’t aware it was OP, but hearing a nerf gets me worried it’ll be useless and not worth getting. Definitely should not be the case. If you could give any info on that it’d be appreciated.

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Knight    95

Wtf, how was the slayer helm too strong?

And also make the cerb crystals useable on glacor boots instead of osrs versions, otherwise whats the fkin point....

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Grey Salt    111

Slayer helm had +9 strength before the nerf. 

Torva helm has +3 strength and serp has +3 strength. 


It was very OP. An adjustment was badly needed as all other helmets were a waste of money. 

It was also very well rounded and had very strong range and magic bonuses unlike anything else. 

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