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Server Update 12/17/18

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Kade    942

Greetings Pre-Scapers,

Our re-launch was as anticipated and I am so thankful to all of you who participated in making it happen. As promised, here at Pre-Scape we are going to dedicate our time to get your suggestions and reports handled. 

We focused the last 24 hours in fixing everything that was found at initial re-launch and are expecting the bug reports to slowly fall down so that we can continue to focus on content. 

Here are the changes made since the last update log. 

  • Monk Robes have been disabled till we fix the models for the next cache update
  • Settings in the client will now save upon clicking them
  • There was a bug report where players would stay stuck at 0 HP and remain nulled. This was simply a null pointer issue, and has been fixed
  • Players should no longer be invincible during FFA randomly
  • You can now type within interfaces
  • You are able to withdraw x with no problems now
  • You can now enter Dungeoneering with only a Ring of Kinship
  • When you switch between weapons, it places the switched weapon on the top space of inventory - this is now fixed.
  • "If Interface doesn't show up" for golden scratch cards has now been fixed
  • When using a shop for a roaming NPC like the crafting NPC or the banker at the woodcutting teleport, your character follows the NPC while in the interface. - this is now fixed
  • Bounty Hunter interface will now tell you what level your opponent is in.
  • Iron man mode players will no longer get loot from loot share 
  • Donator Islands have now been re-worked. Information regarding these will be posted on the Donator Benefits Thread. So far we've heard nothing but positive feedback.
  • We have now added a Drop Rate Increase Box to the Donator Tokens Shop 
  • The Drop Rate Increase Box will cost 30 points and grants a permanent DR increase of 15% to your account
  • Spoiler


  • Spoiler



  • Loot share will now show your clan members what your loot was.
  • The Healer at home will now heal you every 2 minutes (Spec / Prayer / Hitpoints / Run Energy)
  • Referral Codes will only work one per account. The entire point of referrals is that, you were referred to the game.
  • Added multiple bosses to be naturally aggressive
  • Fixed a bug that caused extra damage to be added for certain ranged weapons.


More updates will be pushed out tomorrow, there's still a good portion left, but this should take care of all the major issues we experienced on day one.


Best Regards,



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Grey Salt    111

Fantastic work keeping on top of all these issues so quickly. 


This rate of work is a huge reason as to why the server's re-launch went as smoothly as it did and although we're not fully there yet, we're definitely well on our way to having a better running server.

I'm looking forward to seeing what suggestions the community has for the server. 


Keep up the amazing work guys!

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EOC    1

great updates made keep up the work , this rsps is coded perfectly and great staff 



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