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Server Update 12/18/18

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Kade    942

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


Here are the changes made since the last update log. 

  • Donator Island Npcs should no longer agro players upon login
  • Npcs at Edgeville are now re-named to represent their shops
  • Dragon Claws have received a 50% accuracy buff as the ratio to ever land a spec before was so little.
  • Arrows should no longer affect Blowpipe, Darts, or Knifes.
  • The accuracy while Dharok Effect is activated has been buffed by 30%.
  • Added the Old School Wilderness level interface
  • Glacors will now be weak to Fire Spells
  • Removed venom immunity from poison.
  • Added venom immunity to anti venom.
  • Realism Game Mode will now drain prayer 20% slower
  • Free for all Minigame will now have proper set levels for combat and game modes.
  • Your players stats will also reset upon dying of the minigame, and restore back to what they were.


Expect another update tomorrow, these were suggestions that were asked of us to have pushed out as soon as possible. 


Thank you for your love & support.


Best Regards,



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