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Server Update 12/20/18

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Kade    942

Greetings Pre-Scapers,

Thank you for staying patient and so dedicated with Pre-Scape. Today was our 4th day of release, and we are hitting new peaks everyday. As promised our developer has been working everyday, and we are together pushing out what the community has been requesting as fast as possible.


Here are the changes made since the last update log.

  • PVP Items will no longer Degrade. These include Morrigans, Statius, Vesta's, Zuriel, etc.
  • Properly added the Prayer checks for Free-For-All so the prayers are actually usable this time
  • Anti poison potions stop you from being venomed in Zulrah’s lair - (This will no longer happen)
  • Multiple Infernal / Zuk bugs that were reported have been fixed. 
  • Your character will no longer accidentally move 2-3 tiles away from the spot that it is presented dead.
  • Changed FFA Timer to 15 minutes instead of 30, to create an incentive to look forward to it more often.
  • Full Slayer Helmet's strength bonus has been removed
  • Re-Worked Accuracy for Melee Combat.
  • Barrows Npcs at ::Di (1) will no longer despawn after killing them.
  • Premium Donator Island has been released.
  • Pking Hiscores bug regarding not displaying the right statistics has been fixed
  • Storm of Armadyl has been added f37071e0f0befcafb5e8eb12fd7244a2.gif
  • When you kill someone inside FFA there will be an immunity of 5 seconds where you cannot attack another opponent
  • When Magic Attack Bonus is less than 0 the chances of you splashing is 95%. And if you do manage to land an attack, the highest hit will be a 10.
  • Fixed a Diagonal Bug where if an opponent was frozen diagonally they could still attack with melee
  • Your levels in Free For All will no longer change when earning XP
  • Protection prayers are disabled for FFA except in the Brid Game Mode
  • Announcement Speed has been reduced by 50%
  • Adjusted FFA Modes to have correct Prayers & Stats from yesterdays update
  • Free for all will now reset your prayer after you exit the game
  • Oziach has been moved closer to Edgeville
  • PvP Store prices have been adjusted to adequately match our economy and player base. These prices will increase over time.
  • The $100 Donator Rank Island will no longer have npcs that are fully aggressive.
  • Knight Lamp has been changed to Realism Lamp. For some strange reason I don't know why this was even designed this way to begin with. Apologies
  • Thieving Bot Check has been adjusted to be more effective.

    We have also began working on a High Risk Multi Event Mini game. The multi event minigame is designed for the management team and I to host on demand events and reward players after. We wanted to make sure we had something that was unique to create an incentive for more activity regarding clans and building together teams for pking. 

    The point of the minigame is that you are willing to risk what you brought, and bring home the prize from the event. 

    These events will naturally be hyped up and scheduled in advance to prepare our community ahead of time.
  • More Information for this minigame event, will be pushed in the next update. But we wanted to keep you in the loop of what's coming ;) 



  • We also plan on adding a Skilling Point System, Iron Man Incentives, Realism perks, Hardcore Iron Man Incentive, wilderness hourly timed group boss, and of course more unique strategical bosses for PVM.

    Not even a week of Pre-Scape, and we are still staying strong. ❤️ 

    Thank you for your love and support,


Best Regards,


owner2.png Kade

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circles    1

awesome work my man, this server is coming on leaps and bounds! get the duel arena bugs and bp vanishing and we are the ultimate rsps!! ❤️

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dzuma    56

thanks for all the updates kade, feels good seeing so much activity with server. kade for president of Ethiopia 2019

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