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Server Update 12/26/18

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Kade    942

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


Here are the changes since the last update log.

  • Magic Exp Drops will now be similar to OSRS Exp Drops within the Wilderness
  • Invisibility issue regarding Duel Arena mid teleport a stake has now been fixed. If there are anymore issues be sure to let us know.
  • Free for All is now every 15 minutes
  • Super Restore/ Combat Potions have been added to the Decanter.
  • The Ignore List feature bug reports have been fixed.
  • Removed Knights Cape from Starters.
  • Knights cape can only be worn by Knights, for some strange reason the code had it reversed.
  • Fixed barrows npcs not giving the kill to the player if they leave too soon.
  • Overload Flask's are now 100,000 in the Premium Donator Shop 
  • Adjusted Entangled Spell to hold for 15 seconds from 12
  • Entangle Spells will only work when the animation / gfx is shown
  • Added more accurate storm of armadyl spells -
  • b18802d27590c4ea355527a245f7284a.gif


  • Reported Blowpipe vanishing glitch has been fixed.
  • Fixed misc issues with Amulet of Glory's teleport dialogue
  • More Free for All Glitches have been fixed.


We have finished the Multi Mini-game Event.

Information regarding how it will work are listed below, and we will also be creating a separate thread to go in detail.


  • Multi Events will be hosted on scheduled dates by Staff
  • These events will have 1 winner who will take home the prize that is announced prior the event
  • Before entering the multi event, you will be placed in a lobby where players will need to wait 10 minutes until the lobby closes and sends everyone into the arena.
  • The Area will be multi, everything will be allowed, and players will have an immunity of 30 seconds before they can attack anyone to work with their teammates or clans they bring to win. 
  • Towards the last minute of the event players will experience Toxic Gas that will then slowly kill all players or the toxic gas will automatically begin once there are only 2 players left.
  • Multi Events will last 10 minutes after the lobby closes, and the entire arena is large enough to hold up to 100 players scattered.


I designed this and had Arithium put it into the game so that in the future when we begin to grow larger we can host these events weekly and hand out prizes as well.


If all goes well and we begin to push out the other updates we have planned then this will be a weekly hosted event or every couple of days.


I would like to apologize for the lack of update logs, majority of our bug fixes have been miscellaneous, and we've only been prioritizing the ones that leave a large negative impact on our game. But of course we want to resolve as many issues as possible, and that is the game plan.


This week has been filled with the holiday time, and our developer Arithium has been taking time out to spend time IRL with his friends and family. We plan to continue where we left off within the next day or so, and after we knock out some more bugs that need our attention, we'll start balancing every week with new content and changes that will attract not only new players, but allow our current players to continue grinding and enjoying the game too.


I must say Pre-Scape has been one of the most successful server launches I've experienced and am so thankful for each and every one of you who helped make this possible. I have been putting on average 10 hours a day communicating with all of you making sure the server continues to run possible, and for those who have spent time with me finding issues too, I am truly grateful for.


Thank you for your love & support,


Best Regards,


owner2.png Kade




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