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Cerberus guide

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Knight    96


Cerberus (Combat-318)

Hitpoints: 600

Location: Boss Teleports>4th Page


Killing Cerberus

If you have good gear you can try to Soulsplit and Turmoil, though it's not recommended because Cerberus can combo high magic hits, it recommended to use Protect from Magic prayer, or Deflect Magic curse, You can kill it fast enough for no special phases to appear, but there are two.

Cerberus will also occassionally hit you with a range and melee attacks, the melee attack will poison you so it's recommended to bring a antipoison or anti-venom, or a Serpentine helm.

Special attack #1

If below 400 hitpoints Cerberus will howl Aaarrrooooooo and three spirits will appear

Summoned Soul (melee)Summoned Soul (magic)Summoned Soul (ranged)

These spirits attack with attacks that will deal 30 damage, to protect from these hits, you can flick through prayers in this order


If successful you will take no damage and can continue to kill Cerberus

After this attack Cerberus will not attack you for a few seconds so you can use Soulsplit to heal your hitpoints back up.



Special attack #2

If below 200 hitpoints Cerberus will growl Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr and a exploding marker will appear under your character, dealing 10 damage per tick

you can negate this special attack by moving 1 square or more to any location, and it will stop, you can't use protect prayers to negate this damage.

After this special attack just keep on killing Cerberus.



Drops of interest

Dragon-bones.png 10x Dragon bones (1/5)

Crystal-key.png1x Crystal key (1/5)

Cannonball.png100x Cannonball (1/30)

Eternal-crystal.pngEternal crystal (1/256)

Pegasian-crystal.pngPegasian crystal (1/256)

Primordial-crystal.pngPrimordial crystal (1/256)

Smouldering-stone.pngSmouldering stone (1/256)


Gear and inventory

Inventory is about the same for all setups


                                    Welfare                                        Tank                                          DPS




Use of crystals

You can use Primordial crystal on Dragon boots to make Primordial boots

You can use Eternal crystal on Infinity boots to make Eternal boots

You can use Pegasian crystal on Ranger boots to make Pegasian boots

All of these boots are BIS(best in slot) items on Pre-Scape.


You can use Smouldering stone on Dragon hatchet or Dragon pickaxe to make Infernal axe or Infernal pickaxe

(not implemented on Pre-Scape yet)




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Rob    207

Very detailed guide. You covered all the mechanics of the boss very well. 


The only thing I think you could change is making the icons for the notable drops section a bit smaller as they take up a lot of room on the page when viewing the guide on PC and mobile.

Possibly add 1-2 gear setups you could use for the boss? There are players who would benefit a lot from being able to see a low tier and top tier gear layout.


Keep these guides coming, this will help a lot of players out!

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Jarred    34

Amazing job on the thread.  As Rob said, a couple of possible inventories would benefit newer players in knowing you don't need max gear to kill every boss.

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