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Donating RSGP / Prepaid Cards

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Donating RSGP

Donation Rates:

1.5m OSRS = $1

9m RS3 = $1

Minimum $10 donation.


If you donate less than $10 worth of GP, you will only have the respective amount added to your total donated. No other rewards, such as donator points, will be applied to your account.

If you donate more than $10 worth of GP, you will be given the respective amount in donator scrolls, which will allow you to redeem donator points.


How to:

In order to donate RSGP, you will need to contact a member of staff. The current staff members who can handle RSGP donations are:

owner2.png Titan

manager.png Operative

manager.png Slayer



If neither owner2.png Titan, manager.png Operative or manager.png Slayer are online, please contact either an admin.png Administrator or vxq7IOd.png Forum Administrator. These staff members can also handle RSGP donations but should only be approached if owner2.png Titanmanager.png Operative and manager.png Slayer are offline.


If none of the above staff are online, contact any member of staff who is online, telling them that you wish to donate RSGP. Bare in mind that these staff members CANNOT handle donations, but they can relay your request to someone who can.


Given the constant fluctuations in the price of RSGP, please contact a member of the Administration Team for current prices - which may deviate a small amount from the listed price.




Donating Prepaid Cards

We accept a variety of prepaid gift cards, such as iTunes, Amazon Gift Cards, etc

Please contact owner2.png Titan to move forward with these types of transactions.

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