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Mystery Boxes [REWARDS]

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Jake    188

Below is a list of all items obtained through opening Mystery Boxes


Regular Mystery Boxes:


30x Dragon Bones

15x Frost Dragon Bones

75x Magic Logs

150x Yew Logs

200x Coal

30x Adamant Bars

15x Rune Bars

50x Super Restores

50x Saradomin Brews

250x Rocktails

250x Karambwans

3x Loop half of a key

3x Tooth half of a key



1x Fire Cape

1x Ring of Wealth

1x Dark Bow

1x Abyssal Whip

1x Dragon Boots

1x Fighter Torso

1x Berserker Ring

1x Archers Ring

1x Warrior Ring

1x Seers Ring



1x Saradomin Hilt

1x Bandos Hilt

1x Zamorak Hilt

1x Draconic Visage

2x Legendary Mystery Boxes

1x Amulet of Fury



Legendary Mystery Boxes:


50x Dragon Bones

25x Frost Dragon Bones

200x Magic Logs

400x Yew Logs

500x Coal

100x Adamant Bars

50x Rune Bars

200x Super Restores

200x Saradomin Brews

100x Super Combat Potions

500x Rocktails

500x Karambwans

10x Loop half of a key

10x Tooth half of a key

2x Mystery Boxes



1x Tok-Haar-Kal

1x Vesta's Chainbody

1x Vesta's Plateskirt

1x Vesta's Longsword

1x Vesta's Spear

1x Statius' Platebody

1x Statius' Platelegs

1x Statius' Full Helm

1x Statius' Warhammer

1x Zuriel's Robe Top

1x Zuriel's Robe Bottom

1x Zuriel's Hood

1x Zuriel's Staff

1x Morrigan's Leather Body

1x Morrigan's Leather Chaps

1x Morrigan's Coif

500x Morrigan's Javelins

1x Berserker Ring (i)

1x Archers' Ring (i)

1x Seers' Ring (i)

1x Warrior's Ring (i)

1x Dharok's Set

1x Guthan's Set

1x Karil's Set

1x Torag's Set

1x Verac's Set

1x Ahrim's Set

1x Flameburst Defender

1x Bandos Chestplate

1x Bandos Tassets

1x Bandos Boots

1x Armadyl Helmet

1x Armadyl Chestplate

1x Armadyl Chainskirt



1x $10 Scroll

1x $50 Scroll

1x Spectral Spirit Shield

1x Arcane Spirit Shield

1x Elysian Spirit Shield


Super Rare:

1x Christmas Cracker


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