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Jake    188

Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via winning the FFA minigame


Common (1/1):

100x Super restore potions
75x Super combat potions
100x Saradomin brews
250x Cooked rocktails
250x Cooked karambwans
1x Abyssal whip
1x Amulet of Fury
1x Fire cape
1x Dragon Defender
2x Mystery box
3x Crystal key
1x Dragon boots

Uncommon (1/30):

1x Dharok's set
1x Ahrim's set
1x Torag's set
1x Karil's set
1x Verac's set
1x Guthan's set
1x Flameburst defender
1x Vesta's longsword
1x Vesta's chainbody
1x Vesta's chainskirt
1x Vesta's spear
1x Statius' platebody
1x Statius' platelegs
1x Statius' full helm
1x Statius' warhammer
1x Zuriel's staff
1x Zuriel's hood
1x Zuriel's robe top
1x Zuriel's robe bottom
1x TokHaar-Kal
1x Berserker ring
1x Warrior ring
1x Archers ring
1x Seers ring

Rare (1/150):

1x Infernal cape
1x Legendary mystery box
1x Ragefire boots
1x Steadfast boots
1x Glaiven boots
1x Dragonfire shield
1x Abyssal vine whip
1x Berserker ring (i)
1x Warrior ring (i)
1x Archers ring (i)
1x Seers ring (i)
1x Amulet of Fury (or)
1x Bandos chestplate
1x Bandos tassets
1x Armadyl helmet
1x Armadyl chestplate
1x Armadyl chainskirt

Very rare (1/500):

1x Dragon claws
1x Armadyl godsword
1x Korasi's sword
1x Spectral spirit shield
1x Arcane spirit shield
1x Elysian spirit shield
1x Zaryte bow

Super rare (1/750):

1x Torva full helm
1x Torva platebody
1x Torva platelegs
1x Pernix coif
1x Pernix body
1x Pernix chaps
1x Virtus mask
1x Virtus robe top
1x Virtus robe legs

Ultra rare (1/2000):

1x Christmas cracker
1x Black partyhat
1x Pink partyhat
1x Basket of eggs
1x Sled
1x Partyhat & specs


Winners always receive 1M coins alongside a drop from the above table.

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