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Crystal Key Chest [REWARDS]

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Jake    188

Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via opening the Crystal Key Chest


Common (1/1):

1M Coins
20x Frost dragon bones
40x Dragon bones
100x Raw rocktails
3x Crystal keys
15x Super combat potions
20x Saradomin brew flasks
20x Super restore flasks
20x Super potion sets
1x Mystery box
200x Magic logs
40x Runite ore
1000x Coal
1x Monkey nuts

Uncommon (1/30):

5M Coins
40x Frost dragon bones
500x Raw rocktails
3x Dragon boots
1x Treasure island key set
1x Abyssal whip
1x Dark bow
1x Uncut onyx
50x Super restore flasks
3x Mystery boxes

Rare (1/150):

1x Legendary mystery box
10x Crystal keys
1x Ring of wealth
1x Archers ring
1x Warrior ring
1x Berserker ring
1x Seers ring
1x Dragon hatchet
1x Dragon pickaxe

Super rare (1/750):

1x 3rd Age bow
1x 3rd Age wand
1x 3rd Age longsword
1x Omni-talisman staff

Ultra rare (1/2000):

1x Christmas cracker
1x Monkey nuts ( :( )


When opening the chest, an uncut dragonstone will always be received alongside a drop from the above table.

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