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Golden Scratch Tickets [REWARDS]

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Jake    188

Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via redeeming the Golden Scratch Tickets



10M coins
1x Bandos chestplate
1x Bandos tassets
1x Armadyl helmet
1x Armadyl chestplate
1x Armadyl chainskirt
5x Legendary Mystery boxes
10x Crystal keys
1x Odium ward
1x Malediction ward
1x Dragon full helm (g) - Gives 5% droprate bonus when equipped (stackable)
1x Dragon platebody (g) - Gives 5% droprate bonus when equipped (stackable)

1x Dragon platelegs (g) - Gives 5% droprate bonus when equipped (stackable)
1x Dragon sq shield (g) - Gives 5% droprate bonus when equipped (stackable)
1x Dragon defender (g) - Gives 5% droprate bonus when equipped (stackable)
1x Dragon scimitar (g) - Gives 5% droprate bonus when equipped (stackable)

1x Dragonfire shield
1x Dharok's set

1x Ahrim's set
1x Guthan's set
1x Karil's set
1x Torag's set
1x Verac's set
1x Seers' ring (i)
1x Archers' ring (i)
1x Berserker ring (i)
1x Warrior ring (i)



50M Coins

1x Anger sword
1x Anger mace
1x Anger battleaxe
1x Anger spear
1x Armadyl godsword
1x Bandos godsword
1x Saradomin godsword
1x Zamorak godsword
1x Torva full helm
1x Torva platebody
1x Torva platelegs
1x Virtus mask
1x Virtus robe top
1x Virtus robe bottom
1x Pernix cowl
1x Pernix body
1x Pernix chaps
1x Arcane spirit shield
1x Spectral spirit shield
1x Elysian spirit shield
1x Steadfast boots
1x Ragefire boots
1x Glaiven boots
1x Dragon claws
1x Ganodermic visor
1x Ganodermic poncho
1x Ganodermic leggings

1x Monkey greegree

1x Ninja monkey greegree

1x Gorilla greegree

1x Zombie monkey greegree

1x Blood necklace

1x Serpentine helmet

1x Toxic blowpipe
1x Drop rate box 15%

1x Trickster helm

1x Trickster robe

1x Trickster robe legs

1x Trickster gloves

1x Trickster boots

1x Vanguard helm

1x Vanguard body

1x Vanguard legs

1x Vanguard gloves

1x Vanguard boots

1x Battle-mage helm

1x Battle-mage robe

1x Battle-mage robe legs

1x Battle-mage gloves

1x Battle-mage boots



150M Coins
1x Amulet of torture
1x Occult necklace
1x Necklace of anguish
1x Ring of suffering
1x Tormented bracelet
1x Bloodhound pet
1x Ring of wealth (i)

1x Demonic death cape

1x Heroic death cape

1x Elder Maul

1x Ancestral hat

1x Ancestral robe top

1x Ancestral robe bottom

1x Random Party Hat

1x Basket of eggs

1x Blue H'ween mask

1x Red H'ween mask

1x Green H'ween mask




1x Twisted bow
1x Kodai wand
1x Christmas cracker

1x Rainbow partyhat

1x Black partyhat

1x Partyhat & specs

1x Black santa

1x Sled

1x Aqua partyhat

1x Pink partyhat

1x Lava partyhat

1x Aqua santa hat

1x Pink santa hat

1x Lava santa hat

1x White santa hat

1x Lime santa hat 

1x Purple santa hat

1x Yellow santa hat

1x Aqua h'ween mask

1x Pink h'ween mask

1x Lava h'ween mask

1x White h'ween mask

1x Lime h'ween mask

1x Purple h'ween mask

1x Yellow h'ween mask

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