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As Rec Pep    16





owner2.png Kade





manager.png Jake




Forum Administrator

vxq7IOd.png Hades





admin.png Operative




admin.png Yor




Global Moderator

gmod.png Rob




Forum Moderator

fmod.png Tremor




Server Moderator

mod.png dzuma

From the very start of the game you were the first person i talked to as a Server Support and basically taught me everything about this server. Always quick to explain anything i asked aswell as share ::threads-(XXXX)/ Very knowledgable within the game as well as forum links and guides. always a blast in Discord with you D and Jarred. A feature i look forward to every day i play. Best commuinity of staff ive had the chance to know


mod.png im D

Pretty well same as above, you are always helping and preforming your duties as a Mod. always helpful when i find bugs and reporting them. A huge benefit link between the players and the higher staff team members. A well rounded commuinity player.



Server Support

ss.png Lancelot

Really wish i knew you more, or seen you on more. As of now i havent really had a chance to get to know you or experience you as a Server Support. Look forward to hopefully seeing you more in game and helping the commuinity.


ss.png Gemini

Great guy, When ever youre on and i have a question very fast to answer and always very descriptive in your answers. Look forward to getting to know you more.

ss.png Jarred

From the time i started the server Jarred has been incredibly helpful as well as an all around person both in game and discord. Always willing to help new and existing players with anything. A true role model of what it means to be a Server Support. Continue the great work and look forward to continuing my time playing and knowing you.

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Jarred    27

Thank you for your feedback sir, very much appreciated and I shall continue to do my best to help out anyway I can.

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im D    72

Thank you for the feedback if you can think of things for me to improve upon let me know.

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