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Rob's Realism Goals

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Rob    150

I've finally hit my goal of being the first realism to get a completionist cape. Now that I've achieved that goal, I am making this thread to keep myself motivated to keep skilling and progressing in-game. 


I'll be updating my experience in my skill 1-2 times a week and I'll update my bank showing my progress towards 1B cash from skilling once a week. 


My goals are as follows: 


1. Make 1B cash ONLY from skilling. 


2. Obtain all skilling pets


Baby chinchompa

Giant Squirrel


Rift Guardian

Rock Golem




3. Obtain all 500m experience skill capes (Rounded down to closest million)


Note: The brackets show the percentage of each skill completed currently.


Attack :    21M [4.3%]

Defence : 16M [3.2%]

Strength : 162M [32.4%]

Hitpoints : 84M [16.8%]

Range : 40M [8%]

Prayer : 13M [2.6%]

Magic : 30M [6%]

Cooking : 17M [3.4%]

Woodcutting : 117M [23.4%]

Fletching : 13M [2.6%]

Fishing : 20M [4%]

Firemaking : 17M [3.4%]

Crafting : 14M [2.8%]

Smithing : 13M [2.6%]

Mining : 14M [2.8%]

Herblore : 13M [2.6%]

Agility : 13M [2.6%]

Thieving : 30M [6%]

Slayer 13M : [2.6%]

Farming 16M : [3.2%]

Runecrafting : 13M [2.6%]

Hunter : 13M [2.6%]

Dungeoneering : 159M [31.8%]


4. Obtain all boss pets



These goals will take a long time to obtain.. but I've never never been someone to take the easy road ;)




[January 21st] Added proper formatting to this thread. Started the woodcutting grind because @Camelot challenged me to a race to 1B exp.

Here's the most recent exp comparison : 





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corebe2no    143

u expect to ever get 500m's on realism?!



You acomplished some great things yet. gl on the journey!!

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Lancelot    56

You've got one hell of a grind ahead of you! Good luck with these and I look forward to seeing your progress 😊

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dzuma    45

you are my dad and I wish you the best of luck. congratulations on being the first realism comp. ily K3

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