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Flower Poker Tournament

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Hey guys, on Saturday 26th at 9:00pm GMT I'll be hosting a Flower Poker Tournament. To sign up, all you need to do is post your in-game name below // "IGN: Jake".



Registration closes Saturday 26th at 8:30pm GMT.



Prize Pool

1st place

Golden-ticket.png 3 Golden Scratch Tickets


2nd place

Scroll.png $10 scroll


3rd place

Coins-10000.png 50m cash



So, how does this event work?

This is a single elimination tournament so if you lose vs your first opponent then you're out - better luck next time! The bracket will be randomised so I won't have a say regarding who's vs who. To find out what flower poker is and how to play it, please read this thread. If you have any additional questions please reach out to a member of the staff team.



Where do I purchase mithril seeds and how much are they worth?

Mithril seeds can be purchased for 2,000 coins each by the Gambler NPC found at ::gamble. These seeds are untradeable.


What if I'm not a donator?

If you're not a donator ($10 minimum) then you will be unable to plant your own flowers. A member of staff or someone appointed by the staff team will plant for you.


What if I'm an ironman?

If you're an ironman then the items that you win will be spawned onto your account.



To state the obvious, one entry per person. If you're found to be registering with multiple accounts then you will be disqualified from the event and future events. In addition, if you troll plant during this event you will be jailed for however long I feel it necessary.



Happy planting,

manager.png Jake.

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