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Farming Guide

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Lancelot    160




Bonus Exp


Video (Method) Guide

Level Requirements

Herbs required for Overload Potions

Money Making


Bonus exp


Dragonkin Lamps


You can gain double experience for one hour by using a Dragonkin lamp.

These are untradeable but obtainable by voting and by completing daily tasks.


Well of Experience

You can also obtain a further 30% increase in experienced gained by filling the Well of Experience. The well is located on Entrana which is on page 3 of the City Teleports. It costs 7.5m to fill it but mulitple people can contribute to cover this cost.


Tangleroot Pet

You have a 1/2500 chance of receiving a Tangleroot pet whilst training farming.


Once obtained, if you use it whilst fishing it will provide a 50% boost in experience.



You can access the area for training farming by selecting Skilling Teleports - Last page - Farming

Here you can access:






At each of the farming teleports you will find two NPC's.

Farmer Fromund - The farming shop NPC who sells everything you need to train farming

Tool Leprechaun - Can note grimy herbs by selecting 'Exchange' and has fast access to the farming teleports.


Video (Method) Guide



Level Requirements

Guam - Level 9-14

Marrentil - Level 14-19

Tarromin - Level 19-26

Harralander - Level 26-32

Ranarr - Level 32-38

Toadflax - Level -38-44

Irit - Level 44-50

Avantoe - Level 50-56

Kwarm - Level 56-62

Snapdragon - Level 62-67

Cadantine - Level 67-73

Lantadyme - Level 73-79

Dwarf Weed - Level 79-85

Torstol - Level 85-99+


ALWAYS plant the highest level herb that you can plant to ensure you get the most experience.


Herbs required for Overload Potions

It's a good idea to spend a bit of time making sure that you've got at least 100 of the following herbs if you're aiming to comp.

One of the achievements requires you to make 100 overload potions. Therefore you need 100 of each of the following herbs:


Avantoes (to create Extreme Attack potions)

Dwarf Weeds (to create Extreme Strength potions)

Lantadymes (to create Extreme Defence potions)


Money Making

Wait, what? Making money? With farming?


** Level 52 Farming required **


At each of the Farming teleports there is a Flower patch at the centre. If you buy and plant White Lily seeds from Farmer Fromund for just 3124 gp each you can turn over a tidy profit. Once they're grown and harvested, White Lillies sell to the General Store at home for 27k each, and you can get a good yield of Lillies from each patch.


Animated GIF


Not only can you make money from planting White Lillies, but they're also the best farming experience you can gain.

You'll gain even more experience from planting White Lillies at 52 Farming that you will from planting Torstol Seeds at 85 Farming.


Farming-cape-detail.png Farming-cape-t-detail.png


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Jarred    34

Well done, this'll clarify a lot for players who are inexperienced when it comes to this skill. Thank you!



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Hamze    127

Thanks for the guide lance, another one knocked out aye :) 

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Rob    198

Great guide Lance, keep up the great work! 

For the video section, I recommend you speed up the parts of the video when you're just typing out what to do to shorten it down a bit.

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