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Thieving Guide

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Table of Contents

Bonus Experience


Level Requirements

Item Values

Bot Checker


Bonus Experience



Dragonkin Lamps


You can gain double experience for one hour by using a Dragonkin lamp.

These are untradeable but obtainable by voting and by completing daily tasks.


Well of Experience

You can also obtain a further 30% increase in experienced gained by filling the Well of Experience. The well is located on Entrana which is on page 3 of the City Teleports. Alternatively, you can type ::well to fill the well. It costs 7.5m to fill it but mulitple people can contribute to cover this cost.



Rocky Pet


You have a 1/1000 chance of receiving the Rocky Pet whilst training Thieving.

If used whilst training, it provides a 50% experience boost.





You can find the Thieving stalls along the external wall to the north of the bank at Edgeville.

Teleport here by typing ::home or ::edge.


Level Requirements




Item Values



Whilst thieving, you have a chance of receiving a Toolkit which can be sold to the General Store for 8.5k.


You also have a chance of stealing a cash bonus which increases in line with the Donator Tiers.


Bot Checker

Whilst Thieving there is a chance of being teleported away from the stalls. This is to protect the server against people using auto-clickers or bots.

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