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Kalphite Queen Guide- By Creation

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hZGuwKV.png?1 9ntF0U6.png?1

 One of the biggest PESTS in-game this boss isn't to be taken lightly 


-Location: Boss teleports > Kalphite Queen 

-Also Located in Normal Donator Zone


 Blood_necklace.png.97b6619686fed6dde3e1e769816a7acd.pngBlood Necklace 

hwkRPwm.pngPet Kalphite Queen


Best In-slot for Melee Phase (1st Phase)




Replacements for Melee


rczM9f5.png Infernal cape >   Tokhaar-Kal   > h8GgL0F.png Fire Cape >  Fha88k3.png Obsidian Cape

ed9Zak9.png  Amulet of Torture > Blood_necklace.png.9575f954a981611cbf78a55be16d5ed5.png Blood Necklace > 7GZCJyX.png  Amulet of Fury >  5HfJLdC.png Amulet of Glory

nDqW56Q.png Barrows Gloves >  e5t1fiP.png Regen Bracelet >  ztMT0EH.png Combat Bracelet

947043274_smallprims.png.49e2e9030fdebe0be54e441c416d72ab.png Primordial BootsSteads.png.f4641c24c04a1d49619e800b204ef9f1.png>  Steadfast Boots >  La3Ly1T.png Dragon Boots

DhIQWe0.png Berserker Ring (i) >  2ztz2SE.png Berserker Ring 



Best In-slot for Range Phase (2nd Phase)






Replacements for Range:


rczM9f5.pngInfernal cape >   Tokhaar-Kal    >   h8GgL0F.png Fire Cape >  Fha88k3.png Obsidian Cape

  Amulet of Ranging >  7GZCJyX.png  Amulet of Fury >  5HfJLdC.png Amulet of Glory

nDqW56Q.png Barrows Gloves >  e5t1fiP.png Regen Bracelet >  ztMT0EH.png Combat Bracelet

  Glavens.png.2087700742ca4adcc8f5c2b151acb779.png   Glavien Boots >  Ranger_boots.png.3ea43e3fedab1c95d8272d5eeb4bd21c.png  Ranger Boots     >  La3Ly1T.png Dragon Boots

  Seers_ring_(i).png.be35818ad9f72da425b7f6f555ccb896.png Seers Ring (i) >      Seers_ring.png.2f30b74591aaac608d8e1a170430a579.png      Seers Ring >  









KzcpNLA.png  Kalphite Queen will use Protect from Magic and Protect from Missles, making Melee the only available attack style.



Nb9ANn7.png  Kalphite Queen will use Protect from Melee. Normally switching attack styles, Verac's full set effect allows you to hit through prayer, allowing you to use Verac's for both phases.


Kalphite Queen is one of the easiest bosses on Pre-Scape. If you're going for drops, bring a Ring of Wealth or Ring Of Wealth (I).

Simply use Protect/Deflect Magic the whole time, and use Piety/Turmoil. Kill her as fast as possible. Feel free to bring Overloads, Extremes,Supers, Special Attack weapon and Vengeance runes for some speedy kills.











Super Combat/Overload Flask

  • Super Restore Flask
  • Special Attack weapon
  • Rocktails/Saradomin Brew Flasks
  • Vengeance runes



Coming Soon.




Credits to @Jake  for the pictures









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Hamze    127

This looks like a lot of time has been put into it, good work :) 

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