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Zamorak Boss Guide-By Creation

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Level: 650
Attack styles: Melee/Range
Aggressive: Yes
Poisonous: Yes 
Name: Balfrug Kreeyath
Level: 151
Attack Style: Magic
Name: Tstanon Karlak
Level: 145
Attack style: Melee
Name: Zak'l Gritch
Level: 142
Attack Style: Range
Worthy Minion Drops:
Do you want to know how to solo Zamorak and make money at the same time?
If you answered yes to the above question, then you are in the right place. This guide will teach you the basic information you need to know to solo and make money at the Zamorak boss in the God Wars Dungeon.



Section 1: Recommended Stats, Gear, and Inventory

  • Recommended Stats
    • 99 Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints
    • 95 Prayer
      • 95 Prayer is recommended so you can use Turmoil
      • If you do not have 95 Prayer, you can use Piety which only require 70 Prayer
  • Recommended Gear for basic players. (For Knights Swap Sir Owens for Chaotic Rapier)






Advanced Gear for wealthier players









Recommended Inventory for advanced players:


  • I take Dragon Warhammer as it lowers any NPC defence by 30%
  • Overloads are very important and useful as they boost your stats for 5minutes. 

Section 2: How to Get There


  1. 226080553_Bosstele.png.e4d05f6cdb20c2c3c00524236ed2bb4a.png Click boss teleports and scroll until you see Godwars Dungeon. (5th Page)




ZaMMY.png.ecdf1bea93f13b14b9c81fa81e91c216.png Next Click Zamorak




Section 3: Now You're Ready to Kill Zamorak

  • Once you get to this point and you are outside of Zamorak's chamber, it's time to pot up and pray up.
    • Drink one dose of your Overload, Or Any Potions you have
    • Turn on Deflect Melee and Turmoil, or Protect from Melee and Piety.
  • Enter his chamber.
    • Kill K'ril Tsutsaroth (AKA Zamorak).
    • Kill his minions.
      • Use your Spec Weapon to kill his minion faster
        • You are more likely to hit the minions with a good spec than you are Zamorak.
  • Special drops being Godsword Shards, Zamorak Hilt, Zamorakian Spear, Staff of the dead and his pet.
  • You get 1 boss point per Zammy Kill
    Don't forget to use the altar every time you can.
    • Try to only use it though when you absolutely need to since you can only use it once every 5 minutes.


Drops worth picking up:



1293265637_Pet_kril_tsutsaroth.png.b052d53ce6079a25e7c3f3dff6ec2436.pngZammy Pet                   1/1000








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