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IronMan Guide- By Creation

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Creation    38
If i have missed anything or got something wrong please let me know. Yes i know I'm bad at guides.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me here or contact me in game "Creation' 
Hit CRTL + F key for faster searching.


Ironman mode is completely self-sufficient meaning that you cannot trade, duel, or pick up PVP items. Drop rates are the same as Knight accounts. There are however quite a few shops that you can buy majority of the basic skilling items from, which i will list later on. I highly suggest you start with the starter pack if it's available for you.

The current exp rate is 50x I would suggest ::voting to get 1H of X2 XP. 

You will keep 3 of your items upon death and any untradables you have inside the wilderness. Any items outside Wilderness are automatically Kept. 


Useful Commands

::getdrop-(NPC Name) - Opens up a specific NPC's drop table

::getitemdrop (item name) - allows players to identify all NPC's that drop a specific item

::Drops- Shows you all NPCS In-game and their drops. 

::Train -Teleports you to Rock Crabs

Useful Guides
Starter Kit Upon Login

Ironman Only Store:









Any general store  (This is where you can sell items from thieving for cash) or any item.









Slayer Master



This shop is located @::home. Below is a picture of the Slayer Mage. 








  1. I would first start out by buying the slayer helm then the Hex/Focus sight to make a full slayer helm. 


Slayer helmet (i) detail 

The Full Slayer Helmet is the upgraded form of the Slayer Helmet. This helmet can be made from adding a

Hexcrest and a Focus Sight to the regular Slayer Helmet variant 'you need both together to add them'. When attaching the add-on to the Slayer Helmet, the combined item will have the same bonuses even if one of the add-ons is not attached. This helmet is placed in the helmet slot and adds adequate bonuses if you are on your Slayer monster task. That being said, this helmet is more useful than its normal counterpart due to this helmet offers Magic and Ranged bonuses to the addition to the Slayer Helmet



Ring of wealth (i) detail.png 


The Ring of Wealth I is obtained through the slayer shop for 1250 points or the trivia shop for 1000 points. This ring provides a 10% drop rate increase which can come in handy for Iron-Men.





Dragon scimitar detailMelee intro Dragon scimitar detail

As many stats on a ironman combat can be very time consuming. It is extremely suggested to do slayer tasks while training any combat stat, when resetting a task it will cost you 30 slayer points so I would suggest starting with easy tasks and working your way up following the slayer guide on the forums. When you begin this journey I suggest you head over to the thieving stalls and accquire 93 thieving to obtain a Dragon Scimitar as it is a very useful weapon for training your stats. 



This stall is where you can obtain a Dragon Scimitar at level 93 Thieving. It is located outside Edge bank. 




Acquiring Starter Gear/Weapons

Starting out my Ironman I would take part in any Pest-Control Events as getting Void Melee/Range will be very beneficial to your account as both sets are very useful in terms of getting the basic fundamentals of getting your account up and running.  I would suggest training your stats to around 70-80 then doing Pest Control. 








Must have items
These are just suggestions but i highly recommend getting them when you can.






Magic iconMagic Magic icon

Magic can actually be one of the most time consuming.

  • I would Suggest Runecrafting as a main Source of obtaining your runes.
  • You can also open Caskets dropped by NPCS to obtain Runes (This isn't an efficent way as it's all based on luck)



Dragon axe detail.png Obtaining Dragon axe and Dragon pickaxe Dragon pickaxe detail.png
Dragon axe/hatchet can be obtained by any of the 3 Dagannoth kings.
Dragon pickaxe can be obtained through many different bosses such as: Lizardman Shaman, King Black Dragon.
174?cb=20160824161049Obtaining an Amulet of Glory: 174?cb=20160824161049
Casket (Pirate's Treasure) detail Caskets will give you an amulet of glory
image.png.989dc3be07c973559587467c2dd56afb.pngCatching Dragon Implings will also grant you an Amulet of Glory. (Requires 83 hunter) 
-Do your Daily tasks as it rewards you with 1 Legendary Mystery Box/ 2 XP Lamps.
-::Vote to get vote points to buy Crystal Keys  (Link to Ckey Rewards) 
- I would Suggest at higher levels to kill 'Glod' as he drops Golden Scratch Cards which get amazing items. 
-Also do ::FFA which when you win you get 1M cash 5PK points and a random drop from the table. (Link to FFA Reward Thread)
Farming is very important as you need potions to be able to kill NPCS Quicker. You find the Master farmer by doing 'city teles' Draynor then run west into the Town Centre. 
You can pickpocket him to get all the herb seeds you need.
Ruined backpack detail.png
Pick up Runied BackPacks as they give you secondaries for herblore to make potions
Please Pm me in-game if you want something added here, I have missed a lot but can continue to add more stuff :) I will be going around the community and asking Ironmen what they find difficult and add it to this guide :)


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