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Barrows Guide- By Creation

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File:Barrows brothers.png 


Hey Guys!

Hopefully this simple, detailed guide can help some of you guys out there to be well on your way to successful barrows runs!


Barrows can be a fantastic way to kick start your account for some basic bossing gear for the future!


Here at Pre-Scape barrows is slightly easier to OSRS. You should kill all 6 brothers, throughout your run there is a chance for you to find the hidden room, leave this until last.  There are is one chest at the end. You may get lucky and get a barrows piece, but if not, you have a very high chance of getting some runes and ammo. 



How do you get there?

Firstly you go to your spell-book and click Mini-games.





Secondly you will see this page 'Click Barrows' 





You will end up here





Barrows Brothers:


Ahrim the Blighted.png  Ahrim's - Use's magic attacks, pray mage and you will not take any damage.





Dharok the Wretched.pngDharok's - Use's melee attacks, pray melee and you will not take any damage. Make sure to keep your prayer up! 





latest?cb=20130418125027 Karil's - Use's range attacks, pray range and you will not take any damage.


latest?cb=20141216220928 Guthan's - Use's melee attacks, pray melee and you will not take any damage.



latest?cb=20141229054015 Torag's - Use's melee attacks, pray melee and you will not take any damage.



latest?cb=20130713212832Verac's -  has the ability to hit through prayers, but pray melee to reduce damage taken.



Map of Brothers:

Image result for map of barrows brothers


Gear Step Ups:


What I bring: 


image.png.8dcc7e58ce19db02f0b7553b29097108.png image.png.f532f9f73f561a894a99cfcf2fb9e36b.png

Alternate Step up: (Basic)


image.png.db31621cfdc8328568312696c4445e73.png image.png.2983f654a5709694208f5887916a6cf8.png




Once Inside the room.


Once you dig with your spade onto a hill you will be taken into this room. You need to click on the 'Sarcophagus' to spawn the NPC.




Once you kill the one of the brother it will highlight green and tell you your killcount



At the end.


At the end or during your barrows run you will receive this message,

Make sure you kill all the other brothers before going to kill the last one!





Once Inside click the chest in the middle of the room and the last brother will spawn:


Lastly click the chest to claim your reward!












  • Use Overloads for faster runs!
  • Use Special Attack weapons for faster kills!

Use Augury for faster kills!




You can kill barrows NPCS outside of Magebank (::MB to teleport there)

-These drop barrows sets/ Pieces.

-You can also get the pet drop that gives you 15% drop rate increase of that brother!







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Lancelot    160

Another very thorough guide - well done! This will help players that are new to the RSPS scene and don't know the mechanics of the Barrows minigame.

What guide will you make next?

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