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Spring Break 03/11/19

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Kade    942




Greetings Pre-Scapers!


Spring Break has arrived and we're trying to make this week an active one. Advertisements have been on the go as usual. But this week, I've gone ahead and dipped into the funds a bit more and purchased a total of 10 advertisements. These ads have been activated throughout social media sites, such as (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) and targeted RSPS Players.


Although they were quite expensive, I want to make sure the game has the amount of activity you all deserve. ❤️ Your funds are what help grow the server. OH, and be sure to greet all the new players nicely, we don't want to scare them all away ;) 


The past two weeks, I've been working behind the scenes with the rest of the management team, and although there hasn't been a public update thread, it's due to the fact, majority of development has been made on stability of the server to help continue growing it. Finding out things that will or could cause issues in the future and focusing on them.


For example last week a ton of miscellaneous changes to the game were made, but nothing too significant to make a thread, I've always tried to make sure our updates are tier one, and as we continue to grow, it's important that more time is put into them, instead of constantly putting something out every week. 


Quality is important, and I've kept a good streak of many weeks of doing so, and it wouldn't have been without the help of everyone in the community.




This week, we are going to be going around and asking everyone input regarding their suggestions and expecting some in depth feedback regarding some of your suggestions.


The management team and I have been working on a detailed list on what to edit, and we may also ask your opinion on the changes, to get a better idea of what needs to be adjusted too ❤️


Pre-Scape has had one hell of a ride these past 3 months, and I want to make sure we do what we can to continue growing it and pushing out quality and unique updates that you all will enjoy.


So, before we push something that a couple players suggest, we want to make sure that there isn't anything we change or touch that can cause a stir in the pot. 


Everyone's opinion makes a difference, and at the end of this week, all your suggestions will be heard and written together in a document for yours truly to sit down and invest hours into getting it pushed.


Along with all this being said, if you have not been keeping up with our Discord, I am hosting weekly giveaways every week in the #Weekly-Giveaway section.


This weeks Spring Break Special is regarding a Twisted Bow and some Golden Scratchers. Don't miss out and read everything you need to know there ❤️


Good luck to all the people who participate, and of course thank you for contributing to the server, I only continue to put it back into the game, to help it continue to grow.


This past weeks winners, be sure to contact Jake or I to redeem your prize.


With that being said, 


Happy Spring Break,


Best Regards,


owner2.png Kade




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