Server Update 03/18/19

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Kade    968

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


Here are the changes made since the last update log.


  • Free for all mini-game will now announce what game mode it is in global chat without having the requirement to type the command and teleport there first.
  • Torags have been added to the WIlderness behind Mage Bank 
  • 0060ca38340d571f0f4171d610a6e3d2.gif
  • Torag's in the Wilderness will also drop the Torag's set bonus similar to the rest of the brothers (Forgot to add this brother when initially made the update)
  • Re-wrote the way barrow brothers respawn handler works: Direct fixed Ahrim Brother not re-spawning 
  • Pet Rewards for Free for All that were added in the previous patch; It will now also give other rewards along the pet such as gold, and pk points.
  • Zaryte Bow Special has been re-worked. -> It will now only remove Overheads from your opponents Prayer Book.
  • The amount of damage it dealt has been kept at what it was.
  • View the gif below:
  • 1b50f66fa9b7c3e58da7a6a2a586bde4.gif


  • Baby Chaos Elemental has been added to the Pets Table:



  • Callisto has been added to Pre-Scape. 
  • Callisto is located in Level 29 Wilderness 
  • 31e8909d1bf688e00d63edf0a5fdc92a.gif


  • Callisto Cub has been added to Pre-Scape
  • 967a07c5efb0dc7af148376fbdbb927e.gif



  • Callisto will drop Tyrannical Ring 
  • e775a7f1b07305985efe324d1e248566.gif


  • Crush Bonus Attack / Defence : 20


  • Treasonous Ring Adjustment:
  • Stab Bonus Attack / Defence: 20


  • 10879d783641dc64287f0d684fb063c6.gif


Super Donator Bonus:


  • Added ::toggleprayer
  • Switches between Prayer Books.




As promised, I'm going to try and knock out as much as I can this week almost every day, up until the weekend. Throw your suggestions in the community section, and there's plenty more coming.


This update will require a client update. Look for Client Version 5.28.


Old Client Versions will no longer work after this update.


Thank you for your love & support,


Best Regards,





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Lancelot    136

Another update?? Damn owner2.png Kade! Keep this momentum going man, I love it!!


I like the new ::toggleprayer command!

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Slide Thru    16

Great job boss, keep it up! There are some great suggestions written down in the community section. I hope they get implemented.

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Rockstar    6

Wow, I love the fact that these updates are like eating at a buffet. 


You get the appetizer updates that are new, making you want more and tempt you to try new things.

Then you get the quick fixes which are the main course, and essential to the game.

Last but not least there's the dessert, sweet little additions that top the whole meal off.


Yes, as you can tell I am hungry, haha.

Great update @Kade although that's nothing out of the ordinary, keep up the phenomenal work!

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