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Squirrels    39
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So ive been playing my realism acc for approx 200 hours at the writing of this goals thread, and i have achieved the very basic goal of maxing. However, i feel its a bit more interesting to throw in something other than the bog standard "X-gp", "Y-bank value" and the classic "completionist grind!!!" So here im going to lay out my goals, and how im going to go about achieving them.



Achieve 500m Magic xp
Achieve 1B Total xp

Obtain 2/6 Barrows pets
Obtain 8/8 Skilling pets: (Current - 7/8)
Obtain Jad pet
Obtain Infernal cape
Reach Base 20m xp: (Current - 9/23)
Obtain 2/4 GWD pets: (Current - 1/4)

Finish all Easy Goals: (Current - 4/9)



Achieve 1B Magic xp
Achieve 2B Total xp: (Current - 1,613/2,000m)
Obtain 6/6 Barrows pets: (Current - 2/6)
Obtain 20 total pets: (Current - 11/20)
Obtain Inferno pet
Bank 10m Tokkul
Reach base 50m xp: (Current - 4/23)
Obatin all GWD Pets: (Current - 1/4)
Bank 5k of each charm
Bank 1m of each rune
Bank 1m of each arrow (Bronze - Rune)

Finish all Medium Goals: (Current - 1/11)



Achieve 1B xp in 3 skills: (Current - 1/3)
Achieve 5B total xp: (Current - 1.613/5,000m)
Obtain 40 total pets: (Current - 11/40)
Bank 100 infernal capes: (Current - 0/100)
Bank 100k White lillies: (Current - 0/100,000)
Bank 10k Torstol herbs: (Current - 300/10,000)
Bank 10k Overload potions: (current - 300/10,000)
Bank 10m of each rune
Bank 10m of each arrow (Bronze - Rune)
Bank 1m Dragon arrows
Reach 1k hours played: (Current - 353/1,000)
Reach 1k Vote points: (Current - 264/1,000)
Hoard 10m Dung tokens: (Current - 70,237/10,000,000)
Thieve 100k Dragon Scimitar's: (Current - 0/100,000)
Obtain all 3rd age armour sets ingame as drops

Finish all Hard Goals: (Current - 0/15)



Achieve 1B xp in 10 skills: (Current - 1/10)
Achieve 15B total xp: (Current - 1,613/15,000m)
Obtain all pets
Bank 1k Infernal capes: (Current - 0/1,000)
Bank 100k Caskets: (Current - 23/100,000)
Bank 10k Crystal Keys: (Current - 1/10,000)
Bank 10m dragon arrows
Reach 10k hours played: (Current - 353/10,000)
Reach 5k Vote points: (Current 264/5,000)
Hoard 100m Dung tokens: (Current - 70,237/100,000,000)
Obtain 5 complete GWD sets as drops from each boss
Obtain all Cerb crystals 5 times
Have 100b in cash
Obtain 100 of each barrows set
Kill 100k Chickens

Finish all Elite Goals: (Current - 0/15)



Reach Max xp: (Current - 1,073/23,000m)
Kill 100k of 10 Different monsters: (Current - 0/10)
Kill 10k of each gwd boss: (Current - 0/4)
Kill 10k zulrah
Kill 1k of each Wilderness boss
Obtain Every sigil drop from Corporeal beast 3 times
Bank 100 void sets
Bank 100k Raw rocktails
Bank 100k Cooked rocktails
Bank a max stack of an item (Not GP)
Bank 3k of each Barrows set
Bank 100k Acorns

Finish all Grandmaster Goals: (Current - 0/12)

As you can all probably tell, Red = incomplete, Green = complete.

I Laid out the Easy/Medium goals to be considered the "Possible" goals. Since they can be considered realistically possible to achieve.

The hard and onwards will be projects i actively work on, however i admit that some of them seem absolutely ridiculous (Especially the 100k acorns, since they ONLY come from nests, AFAIK)

Ideally i will update this every day, so if youre interested in watching my progress, check back daily! But realistically it will be every 2-3 days. For the "Bank x items" goals i will imbed links to gyazo or imgur that prove the stack exists in my bank (Possible verification from admins if people still dont believe someone is mad enough to bank 10m of every rune type)

Hope you all enjoy the read!


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New prgress update!
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Squirrels    39
2 minutes ago, Operative said:

Nice layout on thread, and some outrageous goals.


Good luck!

Thanks! i was going for outrageous on the later goals... i think itd be fucking hilarious to have so many of some of those items.

My aim is to give myself some ridiculous, and fun goals to go for. This will hopefull keep me interested in playing the server beyond bank value and PvM!

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Rob    185

These goals are going to take such a long time.. respect for dreaming big though and best of luck achieving your goals!

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Squirrels    39

Just from the easy i think ill not be done for a good... 3-4 weeks. After that, it just gets crazy! Im looking forward to turning some of these things green!

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