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Server Update 03/31/19

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Kade    968

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


Here are the changes made since the last update log.


I was not able to do much this week due to my schedule being rather busy with personal matters but I did notice a lot of you enjoyed the PvP rejuvenation changes, so I wanted to add another boss in the mix for this log, and spent a couple hours of free time to spice it up for players to grind and fight against each other for the boss within the Wilderness.



Demonic Hellhound has been released to Pre-Scape.


Location: Wilderness Level 45 / Multi




Can be visited via the Boss Teleports Page (2)






  • Melee Combat Based Boss
  • In perspective as Strong as Blood Reaver
  • Boss is located on top of a hill top surrounded by mini demonic hell hounds
  • Includes designated Pet.




  • Each Kill rewards players 2,500,000 Million GP
  • Boss includes exclusive Wilderness Cash Box (Box can open anywhere between 1-500m GP) (HOLY SHIT RIGHT) 
  • Examples of opening 28 of these boxing are displayed below.
    Keep in mind you can open anywhere from 1 GP TO 500,000,000 GP
  • 78e5c577b3f42e5c37bf52b287aa976d.gif


The drop rate to receive this box is 1/1000 and ONLY from Demonic Hellhound


  • Demonic Hellhound will reward 50 Zombie Points to every player who kills it with 500 Total Donated or more.



Designated Significant Drops:

  • Abyssal Dagger p++ (Can be used in PvP)
  • a9e1a24ebd2fe60f2d07fcc6c9ac4da9.gif


  • 97405bd18f358eb30f037c185ab719c2.gif



Occult Necklace: 

+ 40 magic Damage Bonus 





Drop Table Preview:




Thank you for those of you who have been so supportive. You know me, I always want to take a good part of the log to say thank you and show my appreciation. Thank you to those who continue their contribution towards the server, you are the reason we are where we are.


All the love and support,


owner2.png Kade


(Expect another log here soon, with misc bug fixes, additional suggestions added, and more content as well)



Client Version 5.29 ;)


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Dinkey    1

Good shit you legend.


Great update, keen to grind the new boss, love the look of those cash drop boxes!!

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Roan    16

Guess I really need to work on getting up to 500$ donor. Thanks for the new boss Kade.

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