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Voting Reminder & Notice

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Kade    968

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


The start of the new month has arrived, which means voting sites have reset!

Recently, I had to speak to both RSPS-LIST & RuneLocus owners and apologize on our behalf, due to the fact the amount of VPN votes were increasing monthly. Although getting a ton of votes is not a bad thing, but it is also important to know that these top lists are heavily monitored, and we want to make sure we don't set off any red flags.


Their jobs are to make sure the ranks are matched accordingly throughout the entire scene, so every now and then they have to manually remove our votes if we receive too many, and sometimes they even temporary remove us from their top list. They have to do this, not because they have anything against us, simply because if they didn't the entire top list would be a mess.

I've added a cap on RSPS-LIST and a cap on RuneLocus, for how many daily votes can be added through our site to theirs, so that not only we can monitor our votes more sufficiently, we don't accidentally set off red flags due to a random player wanting to use a VPN to claim more votes, and potentially flagging us from the top list.

Be sure to vote everyday, but I would like to remind you once again, please do not use VPN votes, as majority of the time they'll get removed from the top list and only set us back more.

Top Lists such as these are one of the main ways to receive traffic our way, so if you continue to do so, it will only put us at a disadvantage.


Thank you ❤️ 


Happy April.


Best Regards,




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