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Re-Work Update Log #1 - 04/15/19

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Kade    978

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


Here are the changes made so far during the re-work downtime. In the past we've taken long periods to get larger updates out, but as you can see this time we have the proper development and time to do so faster.


A large majority of suggestions were implemented already, and we plan to continue pumping out content and re-working many areas of Pre-Scape for when we go back online.


Until then, I will be posting logs after we've completed here and there, to keep all of you in the loop of what we've been up to and what to expect. 


Expect more logs as we continue reaching completion points.



Hunger Games Fully Working Mini-game:




  • Customized Teleport Interface


  • 0a5662f4ee29ec1fb7cb2e864a40e77a.gif



  • Only shops that have items inside the Player Owned Stores will be displayed to players.


Right Click View Drop-Table








Settings Enhancement




Vengeance / Teleblock / Barrage timers have been added.




Barrelchest Boss (Instanced)




Barrelchest Anchor has been added with its special.




Giant Mole has been added. (Group Boss)




  • Added Player Owned Store History Button Log. - Will display the last 10 items that were purchased from your store at what value.
  • Premium Donators can now type ::Star and will teleport straight to the shooting star, legendary donators can use this command and it will display where it is located.



  • Once your character has left the wilderness you will be automatically unteleblocked.
  • Players who are able to escape from their opponent and log out, upon login their teleblock will be removed.
  • Players will always have double experience whenever inside the Wilderness

    Insta-Kill Darts have been introduced to Pre-Scape.
  • Using this dart upon any boss besides Zuk will instantly kill the npc and release the drop.



Reaper PVP Collection Store:




  • Players will now have to pay a price to obtain their untradeables back. This can occur by speaking to the reaper at home. All untradeables are 5,000,000 each.
  • If a player kills an opponent who had an untradable on them upon death, the player will receive, 2,500,000 GP added to their pouch as a reward.
  • Search Drops has been added to allow players to see what npcs drop what item
  • You can now use all commands without using -'s



That's all for this log, be sure to expect a lot more in the coming days. 

Share our re-work changes with your friends and old Pre-Scape members so we can be one step closer in being successful.


Thank you for the love & support,


Best Regards,


owner2.png Kade

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Goyolo    3

Such a great update once again. The Grim Reaper is a good one! Do players get 2,5m / untradeable piece or just 2.5m no matter how many pieces the opponent is wearing?

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Slayer    56

Most of this seems pretty cool. Hunger Games I think will be a waste sadly even though it’s a cool concept, would love to be proven wrong though. Just don’t see it being that fun with such a small community. Maybe later if we grow quite a bit it could become something enjoyable. Premium Star tele  is cool, but should add a check for when the star is in the wilderness maybe? I don’t mind going to check where it’s at first, but I’m sure you’ll have some people make it an issue. As for claiming untradables, finally, but 5m EACH might be rough, especially for newer players who’s cash stack is probably only up to 20m. I would think making it just 1m each to buy back and 1m each received when killing someone. 

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Slayer    56

Also going to back to the Untradables subject, if its possible, have it to where it adds up all the cash from the untradables and make it drop on death instead of going straight to the pouch. That way the person who killed the player is at risk of losing said cash they just received. 

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Kowzy    17

really looking forward to getting stuck into these updates! amazing work once again by everyone involved! keep it up, much love.

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Rob    185

At the price slayer suggested of 1m for void pieces, that's 4 Wiley bosses which is very easy to obtain in one Wildy boss run. I think 2m is a better price. Great updates overall!

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