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Kade    1,018


Greetings Pre-Scapers,


We listened to your requests, concerns, and suggestions and we are back to strive for success. Before you join us at Pre-Scape, please take the time to read this thread in its entirety:


Many of you may recall all the stages Pre-Scape went through prior to this launch, and all the amount of work put towards this game to finally place us at a point where we can begin to make our next move forward. The last time we had any sort of launch was when we were just getting out of beta, however we never really moved on the right path due to an array of issues always pulling us back.

Given the circumstances, our only two options were either to close everything down and move on, or work harder than ever to improve our game and prepare for launch.


This past year & a half has been one hell of a journey for our server. For all the new players who have no idea what Pre-Scape is, we are a Pre-Eoc RSPS packed with content and suggestions implemented from over hundreds of beta players prior to this release.


Throughout all the bumps in the road we continued striving and pushing for a better future for our server, and that future has finally arrived. This is where we begin and there will be no turning back, so we hope you all are ready.

During our downtime we were able to work on the game directly and make sure that what we have to offer is much more appealing to a larger audience. We want something that will be long lasting and allow players a game to continue playing over a period of time without getting bored or demotivated.


Below is a Pre-Launch Update Thread, that includes all updates, suggestions, and bug fixes that have been made on this game since our last stage. We hope you take a good time reading it and understanding that this release has been one of our most anticipated and worked on projects.




Launch News


On July 6th, 2019 1 PM CST Pre-Scape will open its doors once again to the public, with all advertisement methods in place, we expect to see hundreds of players re-join us to begin their grind here at Pre-Scape.


All accounts that have participated in our past development / up time stages will be reset, and all players will begin their grind from scratch. This has been a difficult decision for us to take, but we want the best for our server's future, and the best way to attract players is starting fresh and having a grind to participate in, which will include among hundreds of other players. After discussing with the handful of players who still cared about the community and played, we all have decided this is the best course of action.
Certain players who have stuck by our side since the very beginning, however, will be contacted and spoken to regarding their reimbursement and rewards.


If you have any questions regarding any other matter, contact myself via Discord, and I will happily sit down and resolve any issue with you.


Giveaway & Prizes - $450 USD


In celebration of our release Pre-Scape will be hosting the following giveaways for new players.


First Realism Account to Max will receive 50$ PayPal or BTC or OSRS GP 
First Hardcore Iron Man to Max will receive 50$ Paypal or BTC or OSRS GP 
First Pker to receive 100 Kills will receive $50 Paypal or BTC or OSRS GP  


Each winner above will also receive a $100 Scroll In-Game.


If players would like in-game credits instead that can also be handled.


We would like to wish the players who participate in these events good luck, and we will be on the lookout for rewarding each individual.





Our administration team will be hosting events every day the first week of launch, so if you are interested to participate don't get behind and login.


Events will include Multi Events, Free for All, High Risk Events, Hide & Seeks, Trivia Questions, and much more.


Keep in mind our server has been in development for the past 1.5 years, and throughout everything our only goal has always been to provide something fun and enjoyable to the public.


Be sure to join our community discord, as events will be hosted in there as well from time to time along with important information.


Until then, introduce yourself to the community, and get to know one another as we prepare for the big release.


Thank you,


The Pre-Scape Team

owner2.png Kade, manager.png Jake, admin.png Yor, vxq7IOd.png Fawk

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Rob    198

Awesome events, I can't wait to start fresh. It's going to be a proper competitive launch!


Hard to believe the amount of work this servers gone though, its been a long road but we're just getting started. 

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Jake    196

I'm excited to see where this leads.


Let's hope for the best :)

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Poseidon    50

I can't wait to start the grind! Been waiting for something like this :) Great work ❤️ 

Hoping to see many new players! 
Let the grind begin :D 

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Leigh    67

Looking forward to it, fresh start for everyone should bring a lot of new players to server and hopefully some older ones will come back. 

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