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Astro Application

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Astro    39
Posted (edited)

Username(s): Astro
Timezone (GMT): Currently in Afghanistan, will be in EST in a week
Language(s): English, little spanish


Do you have any staff experience?
Server name(s): I was a server support once but i cannot remember the name of the server. it was a long time ago.
Your role and responsibilities: Server Support
Reason why you no longer work there: I joined the army and eventually deployed, I did not have the time to invest in the server that was required of me.


Why would you like to join the staff team?: I like to help others as much as I can and help make the server a better environment for the players


What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: Leadership, trustworthiness, and dedication. I'm in the US Army so I understand what it takes to work as a team to make things better for everyone.


How many hours can you put into Pre-Scape weekly?: anywhere from 15-35. realistically it will probably be around 25 a week


Have you ever been sanctioned before? If yes, explain: no


Do you have Skype?: yes


Time Played (screenshot): image.png.d3342768a554afc49397bc5e23d04218.png

upon editing this i am at 44 hours.

Edited by Astro
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Creation    38

Welcome to Pre-Scape.


Firstly I'm going to thank you for showing commitment on wanting to be promoted. However the server has just come out and you only have 34hours of gametime which to me isn't enough time for you to gather all the knowledge of the game. Your forums activity is nonexistent as well. Your application is rushed and also not well presented in my eyes


Thanks again but its a no support from me.


Good Luck

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Lancelot    160

I have to disagree with Creation (sorry) on this one.


I've seen you in-game quite a bit and although, yes, your play time is low at the minute - your knowledge of the game does not reflect this. For someone with 44 hours played, you seem to have picked up a lot very quickly and I've been surprised at how much you know about various aspects of the server and it's mechanics. You seem keen to share this knowledge with other players too which is great.


I don't think we can fault you based on the hours played right now as we've only been live for a few days and we've already started asking for applications from players - we can't realistically expect everyone who applies to already have 100 hours + play time.


My only criticism would be, like Creation said, try to be a little more active on the forums. Maybe set some goals out in a forums post or introduce yourself to the community (if you haven't already).


I wish you the best of luck with your application.


gmod.png Lancelot

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Dennie    7

Not sure if this application has been forgotten but Astro's playtime has increased a significant amount and has been actively putting forward suggestions for the server as well as assisting new players. I may be a bit bias because Astro has offered to help me on many occasions after I 1: lost my blood necklace due to an ss member and 2: got cleaned during gambling. It really does help to just have someone to boss with when you are either poor or kind of down in the dumps due to members of the community taking advantage of you.

Astro has always been more than fair when interacting with all members of the community and that's why I support him becoming a part of the team :)

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b o n e    10

one the the friendliest guys i have met in prescape hes nice and active aswell  always helps players when he can you definitely got my support buddy!


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