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Complete 1-99 Fishing Guide - Astro

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Astro    17

Fishing-icon.png FISHINGFishing-icon.png


Bonus exp

Dragonkin Lamps


You can gain double experience for one hour by using a Dragonkin lamp.

These are untradeable but obtainable by voting and by completing daily tasks.


Well of Experience

You can also obtain a further 30% increase in experienced gained by filling the Well of Experience. The well is located on Entrana which is on page 3 of the City Teleports. It costs 7.5m to fill it but mulitple people can contribute to cover this cost.


Skull-status-icon.png  Wilderness Resource Skilling Area  Skull-status-icon.png

This area is accessible by using the teleport on the last page of the Skilling Teleports. You can fish for Rocktails and Karambwans here and bonus exp is granted whilst training here. You will also obtain noted fish alongside regular fish. The regular fish can be noted by speaking with the NPC in the area.


Heron Pet

You have a 1/1000 chance of receiving a Heron pet whilst training fishing.


Once obtained, if you use it whilst fishing it will provide a 50% boost in experience.



The area to train fishing is accessible by using the Fishing teleport on Page 3 of the Skilling Teleports.

Using this teleport will take you to Catherby which contains 8 different fishing locations and an NPC (Martin) which sells all the equipment you might need on your road to 99 fishing and beyond.

Small-fishing-net.png Big-fishing-net.png Fishing-rod.png Fly-fishing-rod.png Lobster-pot.png Harpoon.png Fishing-bait.png Feather.png 

The map below shows the locations of the fishing spots.


1: Net (small) and Bait fishing (Shrimp, Anchovies, Sardines and Herring)

2: Cage and Harpoon fishing (Lobsters, Tuna and Swordfish)

3: Net (big) and Harpoon fishing (Cod and Sharks)

4: Net (big) and Lure fishing (Monkfish, Karambwans, Manta Rays, Salmon and Trout)

5: Net (big) and Harpoon fishing (Cod and Sharks)

6: Cage and Harpoon fishing (Lobsters, Tuna and Swordfish)

7: Net (big) and Lure fishing (Monkfish, Karambwans, Manta Rays, Salmon and Trout)

8: Bait fishing (Rocktails)


Experience Rates



Knight : 10,000 exp

Realism : 200 exp




Knight : 20,000 exp

Realism : 400 exp




Knight : 45,000 exp

Realism : 900 exp




Knight : 50,000 exp

Realism : 1,000 exp




Knight : 50,000 exp

Realism 1,000 exp




Knight : 52,500 exp

Realism : 1,050 exp (see below)




Knight : 55,000 exp

Realism : 1,100 exp




Knight : 60,000 exp

Realism : 1,200 exp


Manta Ray


Knight : 65,000 exp

Realism : 1,300 exp




Knight : 190,000 exp

Realism : 3,800 exp (see below)


Level Guide

Level 1 - 35

Catch Shrimp/Anchovies


Level 35 - 40 or 62

Catch Tuna at the harpoon and cage fishing spot


At 40 you can either fish lobsters to 62 or you can continue to do harpoon fishing. I recommend just sticking to harpoon fishing.


Level 62 - 76

Big Net fishing for monkfish / karambwans

You will passively get both when big net fishing. Both of them are good xp however so it is not an issue.


Level 76 - 99

Sharks will be the easiest way to get 99 from level 76. You can catch up to 550 an hour which is 660k xp an hour without any xp bonuses.


At level 81 you can begin catching manta rays from the big net fishing spots. This will help if you are interested in comping in order to complete the achievement. 



At level 65 you can catch Karambwans at the wilderness resource area. With bonus lamp xp and well of xp on they are 9.6k ea for realism and 516k for knights! They are significantly better xp than any other regular fishing method however you risk the chance of being pked as you will be in deep wildy.


At level 97 you can begin catching rocktails at the wilderness resource area as well which can net up to 22k xp for realism and 960k for knights! You will need minerals in order to fish for rocktails as well as a fly fishing rod. Minerals can be obtained by killing living rock creatures inside of the living rock caverns and harvesting their corpses. You can also obtain minerals by exchanging gold and coal ore + cash to Small Sacks located by the bank.


Here is a small map of what LRC looks like



This is Small Sacks

Gold cost 5k per ore to change into minerals and coal cost 6.5k per as coal is more accessible.


Here is a map of the Resource skilling area


While gathering resources inside the skilling area ie. fish, ore, and logs, they will be noted. Sometimes you will receive an unnoted resource however the NPC located in the center can note the items for you so you can stay here as long as you'd like or feel safe to.


And here are the spots to fish Rocktails as well as Karambwans



And that's it! Congratulations on achieving 99 Fishing! I hope this guide helps you out. Lots of credit to @Lancelot for helping me with this


Fishing-cape-detail.png Fishing-cape-t-detail.png



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Lancelot    149

Great guide dude. I particularly like the fact that you've shown the different ways to train fishing.


I've gone ahead and added this to the Skilling Guides Directory. Look forward to seeing what else you put together for other skills, etc.

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Gemini    11

Way to go buddy very informative guide,, and it looks pleasantly aesthetic. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer in the future. But I am impressed my man great job.


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Astro    17
12 hours ago, MrChristmas said:

Well put together! Do you plan to continue posting guides on the forums? Would love to see more of these!

Absolutely, it's my goal to make a guide for every skill if I can as well as bossing guides/videos. Once I max lots more content will be made for the forums.

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Where was this when I was maxing? This guide is perfect my dude. Lots of detail and I like how you list how to train it where as most guides only list xp. Keep up the great work brother.

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