Server Updates 07/16/19

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Titan    1,054

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


First and foremost,


I can't express to you all how much of a blessing it is to see so many satisfied community members actively playing the game since the day of release.


With no disconnection issues, delays, or even errors of any kind, the release went perfect.


There were so many concerns & doubts, and the fact that we pulled it off, and have gotten even this far is one blessing to be thankful for everyday.


For those of you who have supported us since day one, I want to genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being here for Pre-Scape. Our future is bright, and with the help of many of you, we can bring changes and updates to improve the game overtime and overall a future filled with success.


Here are the changes made recently:


  • Reported issues with Player Owned Shops such as freezing interfaces, trades not being deposited, and withdrawn, has been fixed.
  • Reported Slayer Task errors, such as giving slayer tasks that players cannot complete with the proper slayer task has been fixed.
  • Woodcutting Task issue where players logs would not be properly received in their inventory has been fixed
  • Realism Dialogue errors with overlapping texts has been adjusted
  • Ultimate Donator Island has been added, along with benefits which can be found at the Donator Benefit Island thread.
  • Cerberus has been removed from the Slayer Tasks Arrays
  • Reported Pathing bug with object interaction has been fixed.
  • Reported Pathing bug involved with switching weapons on a certain tick and selecting the map acting up has been fixed.
  • Korasi Special will now apply experience drops on the opponent on Npcs & Players
  • Shooting Star previously would have players teleport to the region upon the rock, causing players to get stuck (reported: Varrock Location) the teleport handler has been changed to fix this
  • Rune Dart Tips has been added to Smithing.
  • Book of Ingredients has been added to the Iron Man Shop
  • Reported issues with Frost Dragons and their bones has been fixed. Previously certain bones wouldn't apply towards the tasks, and there would also be different stacks.
  • Voting Auths can be claimed up to 20 from 10.
  • Reported Drop issues such as certain items not being properly noted, has been fixed.


We're actively working on working on new content, along with finalizing our custom raids, so if you would like to give your suggestions and input on that, be sure to share your opinions via Discord #Suggestions or on our forums.


As you can see almost everything that has been reported via our Discord, has been fixed within the first week, and I seriously can't stress this enough, this release has been truly astonishing.


Thank you to everyone who has continued to show their support, and has also contributed towards the server. None of this would be possible without any of you.


Best Regards,


owner2.png Kade

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Astro    62

This is awesome! Keep up the great work guys, absolutely loving this server and the people on it.

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Gemini    16

Great job boss man , you’ve really impressed me with you being a trick of all trades. For the most part every bug brought to your attention that could be fixed in a timely manner was. So I applaud you. Pre-Scape has come so far, and I cannot wait to see where it will go.



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Brid    20

Very excited and happy for you buddy. I see you killin it and i know you will continue to do so. Can't wait to see the raids once theyre fixed and implemented and am here to help you in any i can. Appreciate the consistency and excitement from you when hearing about the updates and the server in general. Expecting to see more out of these next few weeks and to see results pouring out. Goodluck brotha.

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Slayer    62

For the Book of Ingredients, it's "Ingredients Book", and it's still not in the Iron Man Store. 

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