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Server Update 07/26/19 - Chamber of Stones

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Titan    1,054

Greetings Pre-Scapers,


Here are the changes made to the game since the last update log.


I decided to spend these last couple of days focusing on something challenging and worth the grind for our community members to participate in. Many of the community members have suggested that they really wanted something new and appealing, so that's exactly what I've been working on ❤️



Today's update includes the Chamber of Stones.





You may begin the Chamber of Stones (Mini-Raid) by teleporting via the Teleport interface.


Once you have arrived you must speak to the Chamber Guardian





What is this place?















Triumph Room:







  • The cost to enter is 10,000,000 M.



Once you have began the mini-raid, you will be teleported to Room 1, where you will be required to obtain all 3 stones.






You will then be teleported to the Triumph Room to begin killing the Chamber Boss









Overall the entire mini-raid will require around 15-30 minutes and the loot drops are most definitely rewarding.


After a few hours of testing, the update is now live.


Here is also the drop table of the Mini-Raid Boss




Everyone's fan favorite Twisted Bow is now obtainable to the public.


Thank you to everyone who has supported this server the past few weeks, truly has been an amazing time working with everyone and especially hosting all these events.


Can't wait to see all the positive feedback this one gets :)


Misc Changes


  • Server engine has been tweaked to hold more capacity and data.
  • Fixed an exploit that caused players to go invisible
  • Fixed a bug that was reported for Vetion vanishing
  • Completionist Cape has stats have been adjusted
  • Magic Formulas have been re-worked 
  • Multiple combat bugs have been fixed thanks to ss.png Beast


Honorable Mentions: 

mod.png Gemini, Arkem, ss.png Hc Alex


Next week our dedicated developer will be working on implementing OSRS content, so for those of you who have suggestions and feedback to give, be sure to join our discord and use #suggestions



Thank you to everyone who has spent multiple hours with me in voice chat since the launch of the server, a lot of things happen behind the scenes and I wouldn't be able to keep pushing without all of you.


Best Regards,


owner2.png Kade, manager.png Operative, Fawk, Yor



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Lancelot    161

Wow man - holy sh*t you've been busy! This looks like like it'll be so much fun and there's a chance to get a Twisted Bow too?!? Awesome!! 


I can't wait to try it out!

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Dennie    8

It was great fun trying it lastnight. Love the new content that you have been putting out and plan on putting out soon.

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Beast    3

Amazing work thus far. We still got some ways to go but we are getting there! Excited to be apart of this team and all the work we've been putting in. Very exciting to have been talking about this idea out with you and excited to try out the content myself. Good stuff buddy as always.


Best Regards,


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