Server Update 08/06/19

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Here are the changes made since the last update log.


  • Implemented all 2018 OSRS Models / Cache / Animations / Gfx in preparation for future content.








  • Successfully Created Vorkath Instancing Method
  • Implemented Vorkath Map Data to continue working on it via live testing.
  • Implemented Vorkath Model Data
  • Implemented completely new drop rate system, explanation via discord was announced, and only positive feedback has been given back since the update.
  • In short; Your hard work will be rewarded, the old system had certain flaws where players could go on insane dry streaks without receiving a rare drop. We noticed this needed to be changed, so I dedicated hours on resolving all the issues.
  • Fixed multiple safe spot bugs and issues with CoS.
  • Glory Teleport bug has been resolved
  • King Black Dragon will no longer poison you
  • Fixed the ::searchdrops command, and removed the ::getitemdrop command for any confusion for players
  • Fixed multiple combat bugs, and more magic formula adjustments thanks to ss.png Beast

Misc Changes:

  • Infinity Robe Set Box will now work correctly.
  • Removed Smouldering Stone from Drop Table
  • Zaryte Bow -> 500 Pkp
  • Vls -> 350 Pkp
  • Imbue Scrolls -> 150 pkp
  • Zulrah Scales bumped to 300-600
  • Korasi to 300 pkp
  • Reduces Abyssal Whip protection value
  • Fixed Typo for ultimate donator perk
  • Fixed Daily Reward, so you are required to have 3 slots open rather than 2 
  • Eye Rings lowered to 300 in Boss Store
  • Glacor Boots, reduced to 200 Boss Points
  • Ranger Boots reduced to 50 Boss Points
  • Robin Hood Hat reduced to 15 Boss Points
  • Staff of light reduced to 75 slayer points
  • Ags / Claws reduced to 500 slayer points
  • Ring of wealth reduced to 200 slayer points
  • Ring of wealth i reduced to 1000 slayer points
  • Armadyl Armor reduced to 100 slayer points
  • Crystal key reduced to 20 slayer points

    Overall, this last week has been prioritized on being able to work with and implement content to our server. One of the biggest issues we had in our past was not being able to cater to our community members with updated content, so I have focused incredibly on being able to implement data and new content for all of you ❤️

    A big thank you to everyone who has continued to support the server, it has officially been one entire month of our server release, and anyone who has been playing since the beginning can easily vouch that this release has been nothing but an overall incredible outcome.


We're growing daily, and the analytics are only going up.


Thank you,


Best Regards,


owner2.png Kade manager.png Operative admin.png Yor vxq7IOd.png Fawk

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