Server Update 11/23/19

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As most of you know we have not been posting update logs regularly on the forums, as a large portion of our community members follow us via our discord, however it is important to make threads when things begin to accumulate over time. So here are some changes that have been made since the last update log.


  • Multiple player owned shops bugs have been fixed.
  • Original Zamorak V1 Content implemented into server base and models
  • Client background and loading sequence handling has been adjusted.
  • Sprite system enhanced to allow live updating processing to occur.
  • Game Window reported bug crashing on Windows software that was outdated has been fixed.
  • Configurations to resolve networking issues of players disconnecting themselves upon login when spam clicking the login button.
  • Npc Definition Converter added to allow the implementation of animations and gfx of other revisions.
  • Vorkath was officially pushed live, along with its drop table.
  • Adjusted me to various values of items have been adjusted.
  • Twisted Bow was disabled for pking in the wilderness.
  • Reported issue with Toxic Blowpipe slowing down midway combat has been resolved.
  • Summoning has been added to Zamorak, simply click the skill via the skill tab to teleport and begin.
  • Familiar spawning has been disabled temporarily, until we decide how to revolve it correctly with our game play.
  • AFK training bot check has been implemented for various monsters among the game to help prevent players to leave their accounts overnight to earn experience.
  • Vorkath added to Slayer Tasks
  • Wilderness key area reported issues with pathing, mapping, and boundary changes have been fixed.
  • Added original commands for donators, ::di, ::sdi, ::edi, ::ldi, ::udi, ::pdi
  • Added the option to allow players to obtain 25% Drop Rate Bonus for 1 Hour from the Dragonkin lamps.
  • Adjustments made to various equipment such as vesta's, dragonbone, statius, torva, etc. to help balance them within the game.
  • Dragonhunter crossbow has been added to to game.
  • Hidden bonuses for certain items have been removed and added to the equipment tab, in the future, I will be writing a script that will simply showcase the bonus on a separate tab within the interface to help players understand certain weapons and their damage bonuses further.
  • Began developing a fully functional anti safe spotting check, that will prevent the safe spots of multiple bosses and monsters within the game.
  • Reported issue with Overloads have been fixed.
  • Looting inside CoS issues resolved.
  • Wilderness Bosses will no longer globally broadcast the wilderness drops, various points were given to make this change occur, perhaps in the future when there are active pkers we can look back at this and make adjustments.



The community has only continued to grow these last few weeks, and I cannot be more thankful for all of you on making it happen.


Thank you to everyone who has been showing nothing but love, whether it by voting everyday, logging in everyday, or even donating to support the server, none of this would be possible without all of you. Winter is around the corner, so that means a lot more time for me and my team to dedicate on the server.


As always,


Stay tuned for what's coming :)


Best Regards,





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Astro    62

Been working with you and helping out, glad the updates are getting pushed and people are enjoying them. Looking forward to continuing to help

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