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Astro    60

An ongoing event starts now.


Forums is a great way to build on an active community here on Zamorak. With the investment in ads as well as the double donations and t-shirt through december, player growth is steadily rising daily. In order to continue to grow as a server and climb the ranks on rsps toplists.


We will be hosting an event to incentivize the use of forums and too continue to build our community.


For every post on forums, you will be rewarded with 10m gp. A post is a suggestion, a discussion topic, a loot video, those sorts of things. A post does not mean a comment you leave.


For every guide made on the forums, you will be rewarded with 25m gp. These guides can include skilling guides, bossing guides, mini game guides and others. I know the skilling directory currently has a guide for every skill but I would like to fill that directory with newer guides made by the players currently playing so don't hesitate to make a guide even if you see it already in the directory.


If you feel as though you earned either the 10m or 25m gp reward, please get in contact with myself (Astro) in game. If you cannot get in touch with me you can always message me on discord or any staff member. Good luck to everyone, I'm looking forward to see what everyone creates and puts out.

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