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Wilderness only Hardcore

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Cursed    6

Hc wilderness only account - 

Hey guys , thought I'd have a bit of fun , so i have created an account called "HC Wild Only"

I can only train skills in wilderness, I can not vote, I can not do ::ffa. I am however, allowed to do my daily task's if they are able to be done in the wilderness


1: No training outside of the wilderness . Expect for skills that I will have to train to train in the wilderness, for example to start agility .

2: I am allowed in mage bank and edgeville . But not allowed to train here. Here I can restore , Heal and recharge prayer. 

3: Crystal keys are allowed to be used 

4: End game is maxed with max gear, Tbh I doubt i will make it pass level 80

5: I can not use bones on altar's to train prayer. This must just be buried inside the wilderness

6: I can only use the iron man shop 

7: I can not donate, I can not vote , I can not take free pvp kills to get pk points

8 : I can if needed, leave to get an item required to start a skill, or if the skill is non trainable in wilderness. For example summoning.

9 : I am solo - No Teaming - If you see me, and your pking. Kill me

10:  Any supplies needed to be gathered outside of wilderness can not be used. For example to start training fishing. I can not use the food. I have to catch and cook my food in the wilderness.



oh, there will be a reward for the person who ends my life. 

Good luck

Please post any rules below you would like to see or think I have missed 

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Astro    62

Looking forward to seeing how this develops. I'm assuming this idea is inspited by CEngineer on youtube. Best of luck to yourself and best of luck to anyone trying to pk him.

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