Hello, Before i begin with updates i would like to apologise with yesterdays update delay and todays server downtime around 10:30pm GMT+1. Both were unexpected. Delay happened because I couldn't finish all updates in time and server crash happened because of some code failure. It has now been sorted and server is back online.  You can now use other spells to attack while autocasting  Fixed bug where you were able to attack wildy slayer npcs without task (You could spell on them. That started combat between you and npc) Extended skull timer from 10 minutes to 20 Rewrote skull system Prison trousers will now go to correct equipment spot Iron men can now buy things from boss shop and stardust shop  Iron men can now get herblore secondaries from ruined backpacks ruined backpacks can be dropped by every npc with 1/30 chance of being dropped made ground mud runes stackable Donators will now lose prayer points in wilderness. Made sir owens sword faster by 1 tick Fixed clipped firemaking fires When object is despawned, clipped object tiles should now despawn to so you can walk where object used to be. fixed some issues with magebank webs Fixed attacking people through walls You can no longer use objects through walls that fixed magebank teleporting from the outside of magebank Fixed polypore staff, it now has its own attack Fixed gilded dragon pickaxe Added server announcements Added trivia trivia happens every 6 minutes at the moment you can access trivia shop by talking with Oziach Added Hardcore ironman added hardcore ironman highscores if you die you turn to regular iron man Added boss pets! All boss pets give you 15% bonus drop rate (which stacks with other drop rate bonuses) on the pet boss. You can access pets interface by typing command ::pets You can dismiss your pet by right clicking on summoning orb and clicking dismiss If you have jad pet item you can unlock jad pet by clicking on that item All bosses drop pets with drop rate of 1 in 5000 I completely rewrote punishments system. Staff will now be able to moderate server properly. I completely rewrote staff help tools Added option to reset barrows minigame for person Added option to check pin  Added option to disable 2fa Please keep in mind those are only available for manager+ Added realism game mode crown Kind regards, Pre-Scape Staff Team