Herblore Guide 1-99

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Teddy    25

Herblore 1-99 Guide:


Guam Leaf

PWXuufd.png xT4zJAu.png

Level Required To Clean: 1
Secondary Ingredient: Eye Of Newt



rDuzMIS.png yaKl1wR.png

Level Required To Clean: 5
Secondary Ingredient: Unicorn Horn Dust



BxJ6Omo.png Us3KG7a.png

Level Required To Clean: 11
Secondary Ingredient: Limpwurt



QUIhCeD.png iWWAtM5.png

Level Required To Clean: 20
Secondary Ingredient: Chocolate Dust


Ranarr Weed

QtPZzYk.png DfYFGo0.png

Level Required To Clean: 25
Secondary Ingredient: Snap Grass / White Berries



JSZdcJb.png 2v60mmx.png

Level Required To Clean: 30
Secondary Ingredient: Crushed Nests


Irit Leaf

agbYFcd.png pBlJQxL.png

Level Required To Clean: 40
Secondary Ingredient: Eye of Newt / Unicorn horn Dust



AG6JHAF.png oG2bINO.png

Level Required To Clean: 48
Secondary Ingredient: Snape Grass / Mort myre Fungus



Y93AZ7p.png WVB3o3A.png

Level Required To Clean: 54
Secondary Ingredient: Limpwurt Root



48gNbKt.png 9uPhvuP.png

Level Required To Clean: 59
Secondary Ingredient: Reg Spider Eggs



ydPVu4p.png wgJw8DW.png

Level Required To Clean: 65
Secondary Ingredient: White Berries



j8BvEJq.png PhAdG3M.png

Level Required To Clean: 67
Secondary Ingredient: Dragon Scale Dust


Dwarf Weed

k1aSn2p.png HXen69l.png

Level Required To Clean: 70
Secondary Ingredient: Wine of Zamorak



Uth8Vyg.png k0ZPLle.png

Level Required To Clean: 75
Secondary Ingredient: Jangerberries

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Teddy    25
1 minute ago, Angel Garcia said:

Nice guide, keep it up :)

Thank You, Kind sir.

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Hobune    1

Alternatively just buy an Ingredients Book from Kaqemeex at the Herblore skilling teleport...

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