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Staff Updates - 04/30/18

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Kade    302


Here are the changes made since the last staff update thread.

Devyn has been demoted from his position as ss.png Server Support due to advertising another server through his initially designed specifically for "Pre-Scape" stream. He also has been removed from the server permanently. Taking advantage of his staff position and promoting his stream to our community was fine if his intentions were to stay with us and strictly promote Pre-Scape content, but it would be completely unprofessional for us to allow him to be with us while he took advantage of his position and advertised other servers through his stream. There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing another server, but the fact you are staff on a different server, and promoted your stream through your rank and that server to obtain your audience, and have the audacity to go stream another server on that same youtube channel, that right there is absolutely ridiculous.

ss.png Vhalid has been promoted to ss.png Server Support We believe he will make a great candidate so a warm welcome to him!

We wish Devyn all the best, despite our dispute and past, we here at Pre-Scape wish him the best with his future endeavors wherever they may take. However, we would like to request everyone who has subscribed to his stream to unsubscribe if you do not wish to watch his non Pre-Scape related content, and we apologize that you were even brought upon this situation.

Best Regards,

owner2.png Kade






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2B8    8

Ayy vhalid my boy, congratulations fam and too bad for devyn, you was friendly ingame but I knew you would break a rule..

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House    2

Vhalid always coming up clutch with star locations. Good work my boy :)

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Permedd    33

I knew it he was going to get banned lol typical devyn 😂😂😂😂

but no one listens to me hahaha xD

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